We are futurists, we have a vision for life, for work, for future, and taking actions to achieve it, from today.


Global Version with Deep Asian Market Knowledge

Our global HQ is in the Netherlands (B2B team: 30+ people) and Asian HQ is situated in China (B2C team: 80+ people).

We Mean Business

No Nonsense

Humble, reasonable, fair, decisive and easy to communicate with.

Business Model

B2B & B2C Coverage

We operate both in B2B and B2C space, comfortable with small & large volume business with assorted order.

How We do Business:

Compliance and Transparency

We extend profitable relationships only under the umbrella of clear principles: integrity, discretion and sustained work.

Futurist, Reliable and Longevity

We incorporate the spirit of futurist into our daily operations, business, relationships, and company culture. We believe only long term business can generate profitable and sustainable results.

is Key

We are quick by all means: communicating, decision making, logistics, transactions, and problem solving.

Why Work with Us?

Utilizing Global Trading Channels
We are working with various brand distributors, e-commerce channels, marketplaces, and boutique stores to serve you better as per your needs.
B.Futurist Traders Team
We want to know more about you!
Expanding brand portfolio
We are continuously outreaching out to various A-brands and niche labels. At present we are trading over 800+ brands.
A-brands and niche labels
Our team seek solutions that suits your business goals.
Trading in all types
We work together with our business partners to formulate the best procurement solutions which tailor to their trading capacity, from small to large volume. With possibility to make forecast orders and grow the business month on month.
Tailored orders
We actively communicate with our sources and monitor their supply, basis on that we forecast, increase capacity,  and grow their business month on month.
Fast and easy rotation
Implying decent value of shipments, while not forcing suppliers and customers to block big amounts of cash flow.
B.Futurist Warehouse Team
We said it before!
Speed is key.
Our core principles
We strongly believe that to be sustainable, economic, efficient, and reliable.
B.Futurist Traders
Our team seek solutions that suits your business goals.
Ahead of competitors
The industry is changing rapidly, we help our business partners to stay top of the game by sharing the first hand market insights and sentiments.

Planning to Achieve More

Happy clients
Rolled out to
Sq. m.
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